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.1. BwS Clan
.2. Widow Makers Clan
.3. >underdogs<
.4. 7th Armoured Brigade
.5. |M|ayhem
.6. The Ironfist Battleground
.7. Army-of-Wolves
.8. ^UwT^
.10. Official MOHAA site

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Welcome to Alternative Gaming League

offering alternative gaming leagues & Ladders for 'Medal of Honor Allied Assault'.
For more information relating to AGL please visit our forums or contact any member of staff.

Visit the AGL server! - & take part in the mayhem!

About us

AGL offer alternative leagues and ladders for mohaa. We provide leagues which other gaming leagues do not offer. Unlike most other gaming leagues AGL is not a ‘full time' gaming league. We operate when clans fancy an alternative style match compared to the normal TDM or OBJ style matches. Interested in AGL, enter now! - you do not need to be part of a clan in order to enter some of our leagues.


New Look AGL - AGL is evolving… Due to popularity of AGL we will be giving the web site a face lift. The new look AGL site will be released soon, bringing easier navigation & greater aesthetics. Along with just a new face, we are evolving, new AGL leagues will be opening soon, including the clan TDM league.

AGL Forums Down - As you may have noticed, the AGL forums have been down for a while due to upgrades. AGL has just upgraded to a new Lynux server. However forums are yet to be restored. The forums database is backed up & will hopefully be live soon.
Team Speak Server For Sale - AGL have a Team Speak server for sale. It is a large 100 man team speak ideal for any clan. Cost £5 per month. If interested please email:
AGL 2v2 League - Now Open! - The new AGL 2v2 League is now open, from 18th Aug 2005. Good luck to all the teams which have joined. Hope to see you all in matches on both custom and normal maps!
If you have not yet entered, it is not too late, simply fill in an application form now!

If you have not done so yet, please register with our forums, where further details will be posted.

Let the mayhem commence!

Your information

To find out when your clan matches are and related details please view our 'Match Calendar'. Match Calendar will provide all required information relating to upcoming matches.
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For more information relating to AGL'S operation and how matches are setup and run please visit our info page
How AGL Matches Work >>
Send us your screens!

Have a kool screen shot taken when playing Medal of Honor Allied Assult? Send it to us and we will post it on this page giving you the credits! - Send us your screens now!

AGL Base Builder Screen .
"that player is on fire, Literally!"
Screen sent to us by Enoch. Thanks m8.
"Ironlord caught on the job! "
Screen sent to us by BwS Clan. Thanks m8
"Base builder - on top of the world "
Screen sent to us by BwS Clan. Thanks m8
"Base builder - The second coming"
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